About Company

GDC was founded by a group, which has worked in different sectors since 1977. GDC has been employed for more than 10 years in the sale of dental/surgical instruments.

The constant commitment to research and the care paid to continual technological innovations has today allowed us to offer a wide range if Top quality dental instruments.

The advanced design system, sophisticated management, modern infrastructure and quality control equipment, guarantee the excellent quality – price connection and the efficient customer service.

Our marketing strategy is to employ our customer service representative directly to work on your valuable qualitative & quantitative orders, product demonstrations and consultations. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we aim to make experience more comfortable, easy to approach & as per expectations.

GDC has adopted modern means of marketing and communications, which it intends in cultivating, and close partnership with its customers, improving the image of the product and communication with customers and GDC’s website online availability allows distributers & direct customers “real time” direct ordering facilities, account activity review, order tracking and order confirmation. In addition, the website offers an online catalog with product images, valuable information on instrument care, new product announcements & offers, and more.

GDC stands behind every instrument with a Lifetime Guarantee as per product use Guidelines provided. In today’s demanding healthcare environment, investing in GDC instruments is highly appreciated and it is a significant step in controlling cost and improving patient care.

Instruments in this catalog represent GDC’s passion to continue meeting the demands of the customers. For the latest in state-of-the-art design & shapes, you can depend on GDC to deliver only the finest products.